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Render 01.1 Day Final.png


This building is a sculptural contrasted landmark upon the brick, concrete, and limestone context.  The materiality was carefully chosen to emphasize this design decision. The interiors are supported by a steel rib cage of structure that adheres to the skin of the entire building. The building encourages collaboration and socialization within the library typology. The building is split into two parts to create a programmatic divide between the library program and socialization aspect. The chasm below the 3rd floor overhang creates an indoor-outdoor plaza and direct circulation and spatial connection to the Indy Canal. The indoor also houses a brewery and coffee bar to help promote the aspect of collaboration, socialization, and  relaxation within a library context. The outdoor cavern filters both people through and within the building itself. 

Iso 02 SE.png
Iso 02 NE.png
Iso 02 SW.png
Iso 02 NW.png
Floor Plan 0B PNG.png
Floor Plan 01 PNG.png
Exploded Axon 01.png
Floor Plan 02 PNG.png
Floor Plan 03 PNG.png
Floor Plan 04 PNG.png
Exploded Axon 02 PNG.png
Section Perspective 01 PNG.png
Interior Render 03.2 Final.png
Interior Render 01 Final.png
Render 01.1 Night Final.png
Interior Render 02.3 Final.png
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