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Sestoso Treus Coyoca Urban Food Hub Board-04.jpg


Food hub located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Utilizes a modular hypercube structure throughout the entire system. This allows for an embedded HVAC system within the hypercube truss and column structure. The facade and roof structure is derived from hypercube. Utilizes programmatic layering with steel mesh panels that allow filtration of sunlight into the system. The concept of the programmatic layer divides the building into similar parts, with the private space more elevated. The restaurant and commercial kitchen area are cantilevered over, allowing for the space underneath as a social area, with tectonic interaction. This building is ideal for urbanized nightlife, but the open concrete spaces allow for plenty of space for small food and large-scale vendors. Sustainable features include the solar panel roof and a green roof that synchronizes with the Food Hub typology.

Hypercube Elevation 2 Glue.png
Section 3.png
Hypercube Floor 1 Glue copy.png
Hypercube Floor 2 Glue copy.png
Diagram 5.png
Exploded Plan Axonometric.png
Diagram 2.png
Diagram 1.png
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