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Architectural Experience

Browning Day

I worked at Browning Day for a few years, one full summer and then also throughout college as well. I would help them with various tasks from renders, to design concepts, to floor plan details. My primary accomplishments were helping them develop and maintain LEED accreditation for projects like the LEED Platinum Infosys Building.

Purdue Band+Orchestra Render 13.jpg

Purdue Band+Orchestra

LEED Silver Building

This new building will be called Hagle Hall and will act as the new home of Purdue's Bands & Orchestras.

(LEED ranking determination is still ongoing)


Infosys Building

LEED Platinum Building

This building acts as an office space for Infosys, an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services.

Render 02 copy-min.png

Architectural Experience

Oculus Inc.

I worked at Oculus Inc. at their PDX office. They are based out in St. Loius and focus heavily on Hospitality and Interior Design. During my time there I focused on using Sketchup, Revit, Enscape, and Adobe Suite. I primarily created architectural drawings in Revit and came up with different concept designs to present to clients and the team. I also helped secure the Rawlings Experience Retail Store project for the firm with a couple of renders they hand-picked to present to the clients at St. Loius. 

Rawlings Concept 04.2_-Perspective 02.PNG

Rawlings Experience Retail Store

This new store was meant to be a way to modernize and create a new experience for people shopping for the coveted Rawlings baseball mitt and their other products. The render on the left was a glove vaullt meant to house limited and special edition gloves for display and purchase.


2022-07-25_BLOCK 216 INTERIORS_reduced-imagesfdsfgds.jpg

Food Cart Central

This project was meant to replace the food carts that used to be on this block and incorporating them in an "inside-outside" space. I primarily helped create the layout and custom assets for this.

2022-07-25_BLOCK 216 INTERIORS_reduced-imagesfdsfgds.jpg

Adobe Resort

Site Planning for a Local Resort

The first project I was assigned to for Oculus Inc. I was the lead in helping develop a site plan for this site and worked in tandem with the Project Manging Principal at PDX office location. 


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