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This project was for the Wood Competition that all 2nd-year students undertake. The main objective was to create an experiential-focusing winery that used wood as its main material and component. I chose to create a cascade of multi-layered experiences. The building itself has a shell of warm wood that encloses the inhabitants with ease and a simplistic connection to the material. The platforms outside allow for people to slowly wade down the small slope change of elevation, letting them experience and contemplate the surrounding nature and the adjacent vineyard. At the end is a point that is used for special events such as small events like weddings or social gatherings. There is also a 2nd lower level that allows a more direct connection with the landscape. This lower level is supposed to be more fun and informal in terms of engagement, providing a duality of different experiences of social and natural engagement with people and the surrounding context and program.

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Image 22_000.png
Image 03_002.png
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