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Brooklyn-based project to combat Gentrification within the urban environment. Structurally and systematically uses vertical and horizontal elements through a 20’x20’x10’ modular cube. Resisting the mold of gentrification by relocating the displaced cubes. The modular design interlocks together and sections off at programmatic intervals. Using vertical elements to create divisions within horizontal planes promotes a distinction between space and enclosures, such as public vs. private and business vs. pleasure. Dynamic height and mass illuminate an open and grand space for the residents and community. Features a business-centric underground plaza and mid-rise office space both leasable to residents. While embedding sustainable features as a primary means of social and community-based function through vertical gardens and roof gardens.

GROUP PROJECT w/ Roberto Medina

Final Moneyshot.jpg
Layer 1 Diagram.png
Final Sustainability Diagram Colored Backdrop.jpg
Layer 2 Digram 1.png
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