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The directive of this project was to create a post office in Detroit, Michigan. The variables were different for each group within the class. This project’s design direction was focused on creating community engagement with a commercial shop, showcase gallery, and demonstration space. The inhabitable space would also invigorate public innovation through a workshop program for repair, upgrades, and enhancements. The future improvements in technology will allow more efficient drone integration within the post office typology. This would allow for the future to extend the drone program into the Detroit metropolitan area and local community by using it to deliver packages and mail to the surrounding context. The further technological advancements to drone robotics could also extend drone use into other public service uses (ex. fire safety & rescue).

GROUP PROJECT w/ Maarten Bergsma and Bryson Painter

west elevation.png
south elevation.png
east elevation.png
Process Diagram 01.jpg
Process Diagram 02.jpg
Process Diagram 03.jpg
Process Diagram 05.jpg
Spine 01.jpg
Program Diagram 01.jpg
Diagram Total Heat Ring 1.png
Diagram Chilled Beam 1.png
Diagram Water Storage 1.png
Diagram Conveyor 1.png
Diagram Total 1.png
Interior_Drone 2.png
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